Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building

In this Financial Intelligence for Wealth Building course, you will learn what most people were never taught — by family or by the educational system — how to manage their financial resources throughout the various stages of their lives. Instead, we learn from the popular culture what kinds of financial dreams we should have and yet aren’t told how to get there.

Where did you learn about money? From your teachers in school? Your parents? A book?  The truth is you probably didn’t learn about money from anywhere. Just the media, celebrity advisers, and people in the financial industry who want your money.

Even though many of us go to college or university, manage checking accounts, and earn tens of thousands of pounds a year, we are ignorant. We are not taught the basics of:

  • Credit management
  • Investments
  • What to do with our paycheck
  • How to plan our financial life
  • How to plan for some kind of retirement

Module 1 - Money management and debt reduction

Module 2 - Learning about money

Moidule 3 - The Role of Interest on MPTs

Module 4 - Ten-Step Plan to Getting your Finances Back Under Control

Module 5 - The basics of budgeting

Module 6 - Financial intelligence

Module 7 - The laws of financial freedom

Module 8 - Ten-Step Plan to Getting your Finances Back Under Control

Module 9 - The money paradigm shift

Module 10 - Psychology of wealth creation

Module 11 - Increasing streams of income

Module 12 - Wealth and Pensions

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Enrolled: 40 students
Duration: 180 Hours
Level: Beginner


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