History of Democracy Diploma Course

Democracy is a fluid concept, made up of many different applications, methods and institutions. Through the History of Democracy Diploma Course, you’ll learn about the development of democracy across various regions, from its origins to the present day.

You’ll get to know the importance of personal participation and free speech, understand freedom charters, constitutions and bills of rights, develop an awareness of sovereignty and be able to dissect the democratic status of countries.

The course begins with a look at the concept of democracy and its early development, before moving on to explore the earliest participatory form of democracy, developed in 500 BC, in the Hellenic city-state of Athens.

You’ll be introduced to the Roman Republic – the world’s first representative democracy. We’ll also venture into the dark ages of Europe – exploring how concepts of freedom were initiated and assessing the freedom charters of this period and how the Magna Carta impacted society.

Next, we’ll examine American history, the US Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights. We’ll also delve into 17th century Britain – a tumultuous period of revolt and reform.

The course explains how ideas within the democratisation realm brought forth universal suffrage and equal franchise, and you’ll learn of the power gained by Marxism, the Chartist movements, and women’s suffrage groups. We’ll also explore the postcolonial age, as we consider the waves of democracy that swept the world in organic, prescribed and systematic forms.

The course concludes by providing you with an understanding of private sector autonomy and mergence with public sectors, and an analysis of the principles of free speech, free press and monopolisation.

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Gain a good understanding of the history and development of democracy
  • Know the importance of personal participation and free speech
  • Develop awareness of your sovereignty
  • Be able to dissect the democratic status of countries
  • Understand the journey Northern Europe took to democracy
  • Have a good understanding of freedom charters, Constitutions and Bills of Rights

Module 1 - The history of democracy

Module 2 - Greek democracy

Module 3 - Rome

Module 4 - The middle ages

Module 5 -Proclamations fo freedom and declarations of rights

Module 6 - The USA

Module 7 - Revolt and reform in Britain

Module 8 - Equal franchise and universal suffrage

Module 9 - Post colonialism and the military and industrial complex

Module 10 - Into the future

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